Traditional versus Pole system window cleaners in Harrogate – and the winner is …..


We are now cleaning windows by traditional method again because we recieved negative comments from new customers regarding their old window cleaners in Harrogate and elsewhere. We had also felt for some time that the pole system does not hold up to close scrutiny or value from the customers perspective. We know it takes a lot longer to go up ladders and wash and rub windows and sills properly but it is necessary to get the leverage needed to reach the sills or hard to remove marks. So our system is only used for otherwise impossible to access windows and this means you can be sure you are getting what you need which is great results and not just a derisory spray from 10 metres away! If you require a Harrogate cleaning contractor with all the equipment and techniques for any inside or outside job please call and we will arrange a visit or discuss our services further. This is important if you would like to get back to the quality of workmanship you are no doubt still paying for! We will travel as far as 50 miles away for bigger jobs but concentrate our daily routine around window cleaning in Harrogate District, Leeds and York.